Our Services

Our service area includes Gaston, Mecklenburg and Cleveland, NC Counties, with base locations in Belmont, Gastonia and Kings Mountain, NC.
Residential, Commercial, Health Care and Industrial Services all Provided.

Plumbing Repairs

We repair and install water circulating pumps, sump pumps, grey water pumps and sewer pumps

We replace Tub faucets, kitchen and lavatory faucets, sinks, tubs, showers, bathtubs, toilets, urinals,

We clean all types of drains in the home or building as well as the sewer mains serving the home or building. We clean floor drains, floor sinks and all other drain associated with commercial buildings

We Clean, Repair and Install Sewer and Drain Lines of all types

We Repair and Install Water Lines in the home and underground water mains to the home

We repair and replace both residential and commercial water heaters.

We install pressure reducing valves, back flow prevention and expansion tanks on water distribution systems

We repair and install drinking fountains, water filtering systems and water filtering for ice making machines

We repair and install sink faucets, tub faucets, water hose connections, water shut off valves, pressure reducing valves, back flow prevention and various other types of valves found in plumbing systems.

We repair and replace residential and commercial type toilets and flush valves( manual, and sensor operated)

We repair and install urinals and flush valves (manual and sensor operated)
Go Green ! We Proudly Install Waterless Urinals saving thousand of gallons every year plus less odor and easy cleaning

We specialize in manufactured housing repairs and installation having plumbed over a thousand in the past 15 years.
Most Plumbing companies do not want the repairs associated with mobile homes because the system is much different from the plumbing found in most homes…. from the faucets, fixture types down to the type of pipes used in the drainage system.

The Crew Members at Forrest Plumbing are all Very Familiar with the Osha and Hippa Requirements helping us get the job done in a Very Safe and Professional Manor.

The Crew Members at Forrest Plumbing put Safety First and are Very Familiar with the Safety Procedures most facilities have in place to keep the work environment safe.